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The Contemporary Music and Dance Group promotes mixed-media performances, based on original music and choreography and featuring artistic personalities from Romania and abroad.

Originally constituted at the initiative of composer Mihaela Stănculescu-Vosganian and choreographer Liliana Iorgulescu, has a flexible formula which can include a variable number of participants (instrumental and vocal soloists, dancers, composers), according to the type of project undertaken: actual performances (whether on stage or in unconventional locations), art exhibitions, disc promotions etc.



Barrie WEBB


Beginning in 1998, has participated in a variety of experimental artistic events:

  • A tour in the USA as ACCORD - Romanian Contemporary Music and Dance with the participation of Liliana Iorgulescu (choreographer and dancer), Emil Sein (clarinetist and saxophonist), Harry Tavitian (pianist and composer), Mihaela Vosganian (composer and producer);
      Liliana IORGULESCU
  • An art exhibition at the Galati Museum of Visual Arts, together with the launch of a CD of Mihaela Vosganian's music - in collaboration with dancers from the Dance High School of Galati;

  • A staged composer portrait of Mihaela Vosganian at the studios of Romanian Radio in Bucharest, with the participation of soloist Emil Sein and dancers Liliana Iorgulescu and Bogdan Nicula, along side the percussion ensemble GAME, the ensemble ARCHAEUS and the organist Dolores Chelariu.   Liliana IORGULESCU video record
  • A CD production featuring the chamber and symphonic music of Mihaela Vosganian, in collaboration with other two members of the group: Barrie Webb (conductor and trombonist) and Emil Sein(soloist).

  • A tour in Italy (Rome and Venice) with the participation of Barrie Webb, Emil Sein, Liliana Iorgulescu and Mihaela Vosganian (composer and producer);   

    Emil SEIN & Barrie WEBB
  • A tour in Switzerland (Geneva) with the participation of Barrie Webb (trombonist), Liliana Iorgulescu (choreographer and dancer), Răzvan Mazilu (choreographer and dancer), and Mihaela Vosganian (composer and producer).   Răzvan MAZILU video record

  • International Week of New Music, 28 may 2002, ARCUB with: Liliana Iorgulescu (choreographer and dancer) and Răzvan Mazilu (choreographer and dancer).   Liliana IORGULESCU înregistrare video

  • International Festival "Meetings of New Music", july 2002, Brăila with: Liliana Iorgulescu (choreographer and dancer) and Răzvan Mazilu (choreographer and dancer).

  • alternatifs programs

      seeks to address itself as much to the public at large as to an initiated audience, to all lovers of contemporary art, adapting the type of performance (from the point of view of production, staging and lighting) to the space in which events take place.

    For its next projects, will be touring an 80 minute program presented as a continuous performance, alternating solo or duo instrumental pieces with dance episodes to live or recorded music, using also electronic effects and video projections.

    Exemples of alternatifs programs


    Music by Mihaela Vosganian and the choreography by Liliana Iorgulescu, with the participation of the performers: the English trombonist Barrie Webb, the Romanian saxophonist Resident in Spain Emil Sein, the Romanian violinist resident in Spain Adrian a Winkler and the Romanian choreographer and dancer Liliana Iorgulescu.


    Music by Mihaela Vosganian, involving the members of the French META DUO ensemble- Daniel Kientzy(saxophones) and Reina Portoundo(electronic effects) and the dancer Liliana Iorgulescu.


    Realised in collaboration with ARFA (Romanian Association of Women in Art), comprising music by Romanian Women Composers (Doina Rotaru, Maia Ciobanu, Diana Voda, Mihaela Vosganian) with the participation of the performers: the French flutist Cynthia Whitman, the Romanian Pan-flustist Dalila Cernatescu, the Romanian choreographer and dancer Liliana Iorgulescu.).


  • The musical conception of the show is based on the idea of succession of several entire pieces, with their own thematic and expression, which belong to different categories:
  • Pieces for solo or duo that explore special technical-expressive possibilities of instruments, performed live in the show by soloists whose performing skills involves also theatrical style;
  • Pieces for various instrumental combination, used on the tape, that become the musical metaphoric support for the choreographic moments.
  • The music of the show, in its global sense, covers a wide range of expressive colours between tension and release, poetic and dramatic, temporal and atemporal, seeking and contemplating, using varios musical means from archetipal or folkloric melodies to noize sonorities.


    Compositrice, membre d'UCMR, SIMC, IWLM

    Présidente d'ARFA (Association Roumaine des Femmes dans l'Art)

    9, rue Ardeleni

    Bucarest 2 Roumanie

    Tel: +4-0722.21.26.00

    Fax: +4(021)212.25.74

    E-mail: vosganian@fx.ro

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