The Last Great Chalcolithic Civilisation of Europe

The Settlements

Over 3000 settlements were discovered in the region where Cucuteni pottery was used, and there are still plenty of areas which have not been closely examined. Even though the number of settlements is related to the 1100 duration of year the Cucuteni culture, it is still an impressive amount. Researchers linked the fact that almost all the Cucuteni locations were found near river streams to the more convenient possibility of working the alluvial soils and to the many communication ways they provided. Probably as a consequence of the demographic boom going on ever during the first stages, the Cucutenians used a larger variety of areas to settle down and covered the territory more densely than theirs predecessors. Archaeologists discovered Cucuteni settlements on promontories detached from terraces, on fragments of terraces, on eroded land, and, more seldom, on the interfluves and on the sload-plains.

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