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Localities in Romania: the Register of the Administrative-territorial Units in Romania (SIRUTA) - online database (search by locality or county; 17,000 records); about SIRUTA


National Archaeological Record Database NEW!

Archaeological Researches Technical Reports - on-line database

CRONICA - Archaeological Excavation Preliminary Reports (1983 - 2009): on-line database (3,715 reports); search on period, category, excavation year, county, or locality (in Romanian, abstracts in English)

Dacia N.S.- Journal of Archaeology and Ancient History ["Dacia - Revue d'archéologie et d'histoire ancienne"]; on-line Index (1924 - 2005)

"Materiale şi Cercetări Arheologice" (MCA) Archaeological Materials and Researches - complete journal index (1952 - 1999)

Studii si Cercetari de Istorie Veche (SCIVA) [Studies and Researches of Ancient History and Archaeology]: on-line Index, 1985 - 1994

Bibliography of Histria - 310 references (1898-1993) in an on-line database, allowing searches according to theme, publication year, author

The Greek Pottery found at Histria - 1,770 finds with catalogue references in an on-line database

Multilingual Glossary for the Bronze Age Monuments (project of the Council of Europe, 1995, with participation from CIMEC): English-French-Romanian

'Archaeological Repertory of Romania' Archive of the 'Vasile Pârvan' Institute of Archaeology: database and digitised cards


The Virtual Museum of Ethnographical Monuments in Romanian Open Air Museums (1,300 entries)


The places of worship in Romania: online database with 18000 records

The Christian Architectural Heritage List [in Romanian]

Historic Monuments Proposed for Restoration (1996 - 1998)


The Illustrated Guide of Romanian Museums and Collections (740 entries; on-line database with search on county, place and museum profile)

The Register of Cultural Heritage Experts

Romanian Museum Professionals (on-line database)

Index of Museums Journal (Revista Muzeelor) (1964 - 2007)

National Database of Movable Cultural Heritage: Content Statistical Index (90,000 key-words)


The Catalogue of Incunabula in Romanian Collections

Publishing Grants offered by the Ministry of Culture in 1998

Performing Arts

Romanian Theatre Repertory 1944-2001 (STAR on-line database, 11,000 records)
Romanian Musical Repertory after 1990 ... - (on-line data base)
Musical and Choreographic Calendar (anniversaries, comemorations, events) - today - this month

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