EXPO 2005

September 8, 12

Inter-Art Contemporary Music and Dance Group

Artistic coordinator: Mihaela Vosganian
Choreography: Liliana Iorgulescu
Music: Mihaela Vosganian, Irinel Anghel

Musicians: Andrei Kivu (cello, percussion, khaen)
                    Irinel Anghel ( voice, toy piano, percussion)
                    Mihaela Vosganian (percussion)
                    Grigore Lese (voice)

Dancers: Liliana Iorgulescu, Andreea Duta, Violeta Dumitrascu, Ramona Barbulescu

The show of the Inter-Art group presents two facets of Romanian culture and spirituality, delimitated by temporal coordinates: a very new one - offering to the public the most recent visions in music and choreography, reflecting up-to-date creativity of Romanian artists, and the other very old - inspired by folkloric traditions, as spiritual roots for growing and fulfilling culture through profound and transcendent.
New and old, innovation and tradition meets in a whole, profound meaning - unveiling Romanian cultural profile, revealed as an original melting of music and dance.


1. Mihaela Vosganian -  Reverberations (tuba, drums & dance)
Soloists: Mihaela Vosganian, Andrei Kivu
Choreography /dance: Liliana Iorgulescu

2. Mihaela Vosganian - Clarinet Sonata ( music & dance)
Choreography: Liliana Iorgulescu
Dance: Andreea Duta

3. Mihaela Vosganian - Japanese Interferences  (piri, hun, cello, percussion & dance)
Soloists: Andrei Kivu, Mihaela Vosganian, Irinel Anghel
Choreography /dance: Liliana Iorgulescu

4. Irinel Anghel - SoundSpace (voice, percussion, khaen, toy piano & dance) - world performance
Soloists: Irinel Anghel, Andrei Kivu
Dance: Violeta Dumitrascu

5. Mihaela Vosganian - Armenian Interferences ( tape music & dance)
Choreography /dance: Liliana Iorgulescu

6. Salt of the Earth (old Romanian folkloric music)
Soloist: Grigore Lese
Choreography: Liliana Iorgulescu
Dance: Liliana Iorgulescu, Andreea Duta, Violeta Dumitrascu, Ramona Barbulescu


cIMeC 2005