Archaeology in the Museum of Roman

(Ground Floor Exhibition)

Among the most important of the neolithic finds we mention a remarkable hoard of the Cucuteni A culture, discovered at Brad, displayed in the first window.

The outstanding discovery is made up of over 480 copper, gold and bone samples and is the largest of the neolithic cultures in this country and among the few in South-Eastern Europe. Among the finds we remark the two copper bracelets, identical in shape, rhombic in section, heads overlapped, the 'crossed arms' copper axe having a special shape, unique as well, made by casting; a necklace made up of over 220 stag canine teeth, being the biggest necklace of this kind in South-Eastern Europe, two convex gold disks adorned with a pearl string 'au repousse', representing the oldest gold objects of the Cucuteni culture and other many items, among which, ferns, disks and a brass necklace.

The special value of this thesaurus consists in the fact that many components are unique or rare things for a large area of the Neolithic Age in Europe.

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