Eastern and Central European Regional Conference on Museum and Cultural Heritage Documentation, 4-6 May, 1992. Papers, CIMEC, Bucharest, 1992."

(restituire digitală a volumului realizată în iulie 2012).

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RECOMDOC '92 was organised by the following Romanian organisations: Ministerul Culturii (Ministry of Culture); Directia Muzeelor si Colectiilor (Museums and Collections Commission); Centrul de Informatica si Memorie Culturala, CIMEC (Information Centre for Culture and Heritage); and Centrul International de Intruniri Culturale (The International Centre for Cultural Meetings).
Special thanks are due to Dr. Michael Ester, Director, Getty Art History Information Program (AHIP), and to Eleanor Fink, Program Manager at AHIP, for their advice and support throughout the conference, and for making these proceedings possible.
These proceedings were coordinated by Ecaterina Geber of CIMEC and Nancy Bryan of AHIP with the able assistance of Daniela Busila, Irina Cios, Jessie Heying, and Murtha Baca.
The printing of the volume was supervised by Marian Toma.
Table of Contents
  Opening and Welcome  
Dan Matei Foreword 2
Ecaterina Geber CIMEC—Information Center for Culture and HeritageShort- and Long-Term Ideas Based on Our Recent Experience 4
Mary Case How We Manage 7
Andrew Roberts Documentation Practice, Systems, and Standards in European Museums National, European, and International Collaborative Projects 20
  National, European, and International Collaborative Project  
Irina Oberlănder-Târnoveanu and Ecaterina Geber SI-PCN: The National Cultural Heritage Information System in Romania 27
Zdenek Lenhart Czechoslovak Museums, Documentation of Collections and Computers 37
Jeremy Warren Larger Scale Systems Initiative (LASSI) Consortium Project 41
Jeremy Rees Arriving at International Collaboration 46
Barbara Lang Rottenberg CHIN: The Evolution of a National System 53
Dan Matei A Software System for Romanian Museums 57
Henrik Jarl Hansen The Danish National Record of Sites and Monuments 61
  Workshops Made Possible by the Getty Art History Information Program  
  Workshop on Planning for Museum Automation 67
  Workshop on the Art and Architecture Thesaurus 69
  Documentation and Collections Management Projects

Arts, Ethnography, Slides, Rare Books, and Photos

Camelia Savu Système informatique pour le répértoire Théâtral National 71
Ecaterina Geber An Answer to "Why the BRANCUSI Interactive Multimedia Project?" 75
Iuliana Ciotoiu, Mihaela Dâmbu, and Florin Patrascu Informational System of the Village Museum: CAMUS Programme 79
Lucia Cusnir Computerised Management for Photo and Slide Collections 83
Lena Varga, Alina Rucai, Mariana Velicu, Victoria Anghelescu Public Cot 85
Mariana lova Le système de traitement automatique des livres anciens 89
  Documentation and Collections Management Projects. Archaeology, Numismatics, History, and Natural Sciences  
Constantin Scorpan Computer Assistance in Archaeological Chronology: Realities and Prospects 93
Ernest Oberlănder-Târnoveanu Realisation d'un catalogue numismatique sur l'ordinateur 101
Henrik Jarl Hansen Museum Documentation in Denmark and International Exchange of Data 105
Simona Suceveanu Proposals for Setting Up a Computer Network for the

National History and Archaelogy Museum of Constantza

Mariuca Radu Considération concernant l'évidence sur ordinateur des collections de cartes

anciennes (XVI-XVIII siècles) de la collection du Musée de Braşov

Dorel M. Rusti Fauna Database from the "Grigore Antipa" Natural History Museum 116
  Standards and Interchange Formats in Museum Documentation  
Anisoara Burlacu Nouvelles possibilités dans la gestion de la

base de données pour les musées

Andrew Roberts National and International Museum Information Standards Initiatives 125
John Perkins CIMI—Computer Interchange of Museum Information:

Realising Information Access and Interchange

Alenka Simikic Introducing a Common Documentation System into the Museums and

Galleries of SloveneProblems and Achievements

Irina Cios

Romanian Art Thesaurus—Structures, Hierarchies and Correspondences with the AAT

  Post-Conference Remarks  
Marjeta Mikuz

CIDOC Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1993 145
Virgil Nitulescu

RECOMDOC '92—A Necessary Effort Toward Convergence 150
  Post-Conference Observations  
Ecaterina Geber RECOMDOC '92-Closing Remarks 154

RECOMDOC '92-A Quick Review
List of Participants
List of Participating Institutions
List of Participating Countries
Index of Authors