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This webpage of Romanian History have been carried out during the course "Computer Applications in History and Archaeology", at the Faculty of History of the Bucharest University, in 1997-1998, under the guidance of Mrs. Irina Oberländer-Tarnoveanu.
The students have selected and have processed the data. Also they have scanned images, took photos with the digital camera and learned to work out html pages. Among the participant students were: Bărbulescu Marius Viorel (II, 489); Ciobotaru Carmen Magdalena (II, 489); Dima Mihai (IV, 476); Ion Manuela Salomeea (III, 481); Mărgărit Mihai Florin (V, 473); Marin Daniela Ioana (V, 470); Petre Constantin (V, 473); Pruteanu Marin (V, 471) şi Gabi Marin (V, 473). The text and images were structured by Mihai Dumitrescu and arranged in web format by Cornelia Constantin. The images scanning was realised together with Eduard Hazu. The proofs were read by Corina Borş. English translation: Anca Doina Cornaciu.