Romanian Coat-of-Arms, 1921

Romania Coat-of-Arms dating back to 1921 and attesting, in terms of blazonery, to the Romanian people's fulfilment of its national desideratum. The field features a cross-bearing eagle with the insignia of power and a four-side escutcheon on its breast showing old traditional heraldic symbols; the cross-bearing eagle accompanied by the Sun and the moon (Wallachia); the auroch's head with a star between horns, flanked by the rose and a crescent (Moldavia); a lion crossing a bridge over natural waves (the Banat); a protruding eagle accompanied by the Sun, the crescent and the seven citadels (Transylvania); two facing dolphins (the country's maritime area).

Bucharest State Archives, Heraldic Consultative Commission Funds, Annex, File 3.