The European Library Automation Group, brings together once a year people involved in library automation in the leadingEuropean libraries and information centres. The organization counts 450 members in 27 countries all over Europe. Last years over 100 colleagues attended the seminars.

The meetings aim at in depth discussions of particular library automation topics and at the promotion of informal exchange ofideas and experience. The topics covered are technical and meant for participants with computing background.

26 - 28 April 2006 Bucharest, Romania


WS1: The European Digital Library (discussion gidelines)

WS2: The European Metadata Registry – Influence Interoperability (discussion guidelines, report)  

WS3: Institutional repositories (report)

WS4: Google, Amazon and OPACs

WS5: Document delivery (discussion guidelines, report)

WS6: E-Learning Objects (discussion guidelines)

WS7: IT curricula for libraries (discussion guidelines)

WS8: Open access