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Irina Oberländer-Tarnoveanu

(born January 25, 1952) is Deputy Director of the Institute for Cultural Memory (CIMEC) in Bucharest. She studied at the Bucharest University, Faculty of History, Ancient History and Archaeology Department, and graduated in 1975 with a diploma thesis on "Greek Colonisation in the Adriatic Sea". She worked as a field archaeologist at the Archaeological Museum in Tulcea, Northern Dobrudja and since 1980, for the National Archaeological Database at CIMEC.

With a post-university diploma in system analysis and programming (1980), she developed cultural heritage database requirements, data standards, archaeological thesauri, archaeological collections recording guides, core data standards for recording archaeological sites, and was involved in various other projects. Since 1982, she lectures for curators at the Training Centre of the Ministry of Culture on "Scientific Evidence of Museum Collections" and "Introduction to computers". She also has an optional course at the Faculty of History in Bucharest on "Computer Applications in History and Archaeology".

Irina published over 25 papers and presented papers at various conferences in Romania and abroad. She is an ICOM and CIDOC (International Documentation Committee) member since 1990; a member of the CIDOC Archaeological Sites Working Group since 1992; a member of CAA (Computer Applications in Archaeology Association) since 1993, and of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) since 1998.

At present, she is scientific co-ordinator for Romania of the European project ArchTerra; editor of CIMEC Web site; project manager of the multimedia CD-ROM "Trajan's Column in the National History Museum", and chief editor of the electronic journal "LIVING PAST".