"The Mesolithic Habitation Complexes in The Balkans and Danube"
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Fig. No. 15. Ostrovul Mare, the 873rd, 875th kms; 1-2. Bone pieces with the same functional parameters as the stone (= herminetele, doltitele) from the beginning of the Neolithic. They were used as knives of the stag horn coulters, which have then substituted with those made of polished stone and, during the final Neolithic (the Eneolithic) with those made of silex. It is the proof of several composite tools made of bone, horn, stone and wood, starting in the Mesolithic and continuing in the Neolithic as well as in the subsequent ages. 7-8. Stag horn dibble, the oldest planting tool that originates in the Schela Cladovei Lepenski Vir Culture from the Epipaleolithic. 4. Wild boar fang knife used for cutting and scaling fish. Bone arrow point used as hunting and war weapon.