"The Mesolithic Habitation Complexes in The Balkans and Danube"
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Fig. No. 14. Ostrovul Mare.
1. Bone piece adorned with traditional motives characteristic to the Clisurean from Cuina Turcului, levels I - II but to the entire evolution of the Schela Cladovei Culture. This is the proof of a normal continuity relation that lasted until the end of the two cultural cycles;
2. River stone painted with red-cherry ochre, against the white greyish natural colour of the stone. The piece shows a human silhouette in naturalist, schematised style, with head, body, hands and feet. This motive was then used in the art creations of the subsequent historic ages;
3. River stone with high usage level and traces of red ochre. The stone was used for grinding seeds and hard-shelled fruits. It was discovered in all the of the Schela Cladovei-type dwellings.
4. Stag horn coulter used in agricultural activities.