"The Mesolithic Habitation Complexes in The Balkans and Danube"
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Fig. No. 5. The stratigraphic profile, completed after the excavations made after 1982, from squares 45-46 belonging to the Neolithic defence ditch sector; 1. Gravel from the base of the terrace sediments with oozy thin sediments here and there. 2. The alluvial-fluvial layer a. sterile, b. the Epipalaeolithic, Schela Cladovei. Numerous inhabitation places have been discovered in layer b; they were simple, in the beginning, then made of river stones and during the final stages they had chimes (stone-plate kerbs); 3. The Cris-Starcevo I settlement, the Neolithic; 4. The Cris-Starcevo settlement, the Neolithic; 5. The defence ditch and the wave belonging to level II; 6. The settlement of the transition period from the Cris Starcevo Culture to the Vinca Culture; 7. The deep ploughed soil representing the borderline where there are still traces of the Bronze Age, Iron Age, Dacian-Roman and late medieval (the16th-19th centuries) inhabitation.