Living Past

Living Past

American Journal of Archaeology
This World Wide Web page is maintained at the University of Michigan by the current Co-editors for Book Reviews. It is intended to provide (a) the Tables of Contents and Books Received lists of forthcoming issues of the journal, and (b) a periodically updated consolidated backlist of all books received by the journal since 1990.

Andean Past
Andean Past is a peer-reviewed journal published approximately bi-ennially. Each volume consists of papers on Andean archaeology and ethnohistory; ethnohistorical contributions are limited to those directly concerned with the Pre-Columbian peoples of the Andes.

Anistoriton is a free and independent magazine of History, Archaeology & ArtHistory edited by D. I. Loizos and an Editorial Committee. Anistoriton is the Greek word for "ignorant in history". It is an attempt to bridge the gap between professional historians and archaeologists and their specialized research, on the one hand, and the general public, the true history and archaeology lovers, on the other.

Anthropology Review Database
Publishes reviews and links to reviews published elsewhere. Covers full spectrum of anthropological media (books, audio-visuals, software/multimedia, etc.).

Quarterly journal of archaeological research. It has been the main journal of international archaeological debate and reporting for 72 years, and aims to present interesting topical and accessible material to a wide audience. Each number - published on the 1st of March, June, September and December - makes a book of about 240 pages. Each issue includes a personal editorial, research papers and notes, brief reports on current matters of concern to archaeologists, and a full review coverage of new archaeological books.

ARACHNION. A Journal of Ancient Literature and History

Archaeologia Bulgarica
New and the only one Bulgarian archaeological review in English, German, and French.

Archaeological Dialogues Journal
Archaeological Dialogues is a new English-language journal aiming at the promotion of theoretically oriented approaches in archaeology which go beyond traditional archaeological issues and consider historical, social, as well as philosophical perspectives in archaeology.

Archaeology Magazine
An Official Publication of the Archaeological Institute of America News, features, book list, ARCHAEOLOGY lectures, museum shows, and archaeological web sites

The international agenda to scientific and cultural events in archaeology.

Assemblage The Sheffield Graduate Journal of Archaeology


Athena Review
Journal of Archaeology, History, and Exploration.

Berkeley Archaeology

Boletin de Arqueologia Experimental
Bulletin in Spanish dealing with experimental archaeology in general (lithic industry, pottery, ornaments, etc).

British Archaeology
Council for British Archaeology - regular magazine.

Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research

Classical Philology

Classical Quarterly
Founded in 1906, The Classical Quarterly is one of the major journals devoted to Greco-Roman antiquity in the English-speaking world. It publishes research papers and short notes in the fields of language, literature, history and philosophy, and appears in May and December every year.

Classical Review
Founded in 1886, The Classical Review publishes reviews of new work dealing with the literatures and civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome. Over three hundred books are reviewed each year, the full-length reviews being followed by shorter notices of less important works. It can be regarded as a companion to The Classical Quarterly.

Classics Ireland
Classics Ireland is the journal of the Classical Association of Ireland.

Current Archaeology
Britain`s leading archaeological magazine. In addition to the cyber-tours of many of the latest discoveries in British archaeology, there is also the Directory of British Archaeology, listing over 700 archaeological organizations in Britain, with details of excavations looking for volunteers.

Derbyshire Archaeological Journal

Diggings Archaeology
Introduces two popular magazines about Middle Eastern archaeology, with sample articles updated monthly.

Journal devoted to ancient history, classical archaeology, and classical philology, published by the University of Seville (Spain). The web page offers the index of every year published from 1970 onwards, and abstracts in Spanish and English.

Historical Archaeology
Historical Archaeology is the scholarly journal of the Society for Historical Archaeology. The quarterly journal is a benefit of membership in SHA. Historical Archaeology is published and distributed on or about 15 March, 15 June, 15 October, and 15 December.

Internet Archaeology
Will publish the results of archaeological research, including excavation reports (text, photographs, data, drawings, reconstruction diagrams, interpretations), analyses of large data sets along with the data itself, visualisations, programs used to analyse data, and applications of information technology.

Journal of Field Archaeology

Journal of Near Eastern Studies
Established in 1884 by William Rainey Harper, JNES remains the only periodical in the United States devoted exclusively to an examination of the ancient and medieval civilizations of the Near East. Appearing in its pages are contributions from scholars of international reputation on archaeology, art, history, literature, linguistics, religion, law, and science. Old Testament and Islamic studies are also featured.

Journal of Roman Military Equipment Studies
Dedicated to the Study of the Weapons, Armour, and Military Fittings of the Armies and Enemies of Rome and Byzantium.

Journal of the Southeastern Archaeological Conference
Published semiannually since 1982.

Revue internationale et pluridisciplinaire de religion grecque ancienne.

Libyan Studies
Home page of the journal - Libyan Studies, with tables of contents and abstracts for recent issues.

London Museum of Archaeology Publications

Medieval Review
Since 1993, The Medieval Review (TMR; formerly the Bryn Mawr Medieval Review) has been publishing reviews of current work in all areas of Medieval Studies, a field it interprets as broadly as possible. The electronic medium allows for very rapid publication of reviews, and provides a computer searchable archive of past reviews, both of which are of great utility to scholars and students around the world.

Mediterranean Studies Journal
Mediterranean Studies is an interdisciplinary annual devoted to the study of the Mediterranean region from the beginnings to the present.

Nordic Archaeological Abstracts
Nordic Archaeological Abstracts (NAA) is published once a year and provides a comprehensive guide to Nordic archaeological literature mainly from the preceeding year. Each issue of NAA contains hundreds of references, with abstracts, from a wide variety of journals and books.

Old World Archaeology Newsletter (OWAN)
The Old World Archaeology Newsletter (OWAN) is published three times a year by the Department of Classical Studies at Wesleyan University.


Tables of Contents of Journals of Interest to Classicists (TOCS-IN)
TOCS-IN is an entirely volunteer project, started in 1992 by R. Morstein-Marx (Santa Barbara, California) and PMW Matheson (Toronto, Ontario). It makes available -- for searching, browsing, or downloading -- the tables of contents of over 150 journals of interest to classicists.

Tel Aviv, Journal of the Institute of Archaeology, TAU
Tel Aviv, founded in 1974, publishes studies on the history, culture, and archaeology of the Ancient Near East. The emphasis is on Biblical Archaeology and the extensive field work which the Institute of Archaeology is currently engaged.

Ultramarine Newsletter
The Ultramarine Newsletter is published by the Ultramarine Foundation, established for encouraging research of coastal archaeology and maritime heritage of the Americas.

Zeitschrift fur Papyrologie und Epigraphik