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  1. Living Past: a challenge for a better archaeology
  2. Our goals
  3. Guidelines for authors
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1. Living Past: a challenge for a better archaeology

Living Past - Here's a real challenge!

What for? For a new way of understanding, publishing and presenting archaeological finds. Why? Because although archaeology is a science dealing with the past, we believe that it can be a living science, using the most recent techniques and methods. What we want? A new style of archaeological journal, which appeals to the advantages of the digital medium and to the newest technologies of spreading information, while maintaining content quality of the traditional journals and reviews.

The gap between the archaeological field research and the publishing stage of the materials represents one of the major problems at present. We hope that the appearance of Living Past will contribute to better dissemination of archaeological research results, by offering an unlimited editorial space. It aims to improve the research, the ideas, the communication and the approach, generally speaking, of archaeology.

2. Our goals

Why an electronic journal? For whom?

  • The main Romanian archaeological journals appear in few copies, with great delay and limited number of pages because of the costs. Therefore sometimes new ideas or new finds can't reach the public and the specialists in time.
  • Museum publications are often heterogeneous in content and enjoy a limited circulation. Young researchers often have to wait a long time to see their papers published.
  • There are few Romanian publications with circulation abroad. Romanian archaeology is a white page in many places in the world and the situation cannot be changed soon without using the new communication technologies.
  • Few Romanian publications make room for reflection on archaeology as a science. What happens at present or what people think that should happen in Romanian archaeology remain behind the scene.
Living Past is the first electronic archaeological journal in Romania. It aims to improve communication in archaeology, inside Romania and abroad, to promote interesting, innovative contents, to encourage new ideas, methods and thoughts, to stimulate a better way of writing in archaeology.

Due to the incipient stage of electronic access in Romania, an abbreviated version of Living Past will be circulated in printed copies too.

In short, our journal hopes to be challenging, that is "stimulating, interesting, and thought-provoking".
We want to publish: